Client Testimonials

“I’ve worked with a good amount of Psychics and I feel that you are consistent You help transmute energy and how to re orient the spirit to heal the body… so we can accept the blessings.”

Thomas Diehl
Landscape Designer

“Hi Phil, just wanted to thank you again for my reading this morning. Of all the readings I’ve had this one has been my favourite as it has clarified and confirmed so many things I knew but wasn’t recognizing as my soul’s purpose. It was nice to receive a reading of a different kind that I’m used to. I feel so good knowing my desires really did belong to me and had so much importance. On a soul purpose level.Your words resonated with me and my daughter soooo much. I will certainly recommend you to my friends. I really appreciate the connection and your time.”

Lauren Alexander
Warragul, Australia

“Hi Phil just want to let you know that after the chat session with you 2 weeks ago , what you said to me really popped me back in alignment with my truth. I started to SEE and REALIZE so many things that I have been wondering about. It’s like all the puzzle pieces start falling into place. Omgosh. It has been amazing. Thank you so much for helping all these people!”

Mallory Chong

“Phil, thank you so much for your words of wisdom, time and insight. I look forward to implementing the advice you bestowed on me today and what is about to unfold. Unquestionably a worthy investment – a pure joy to talk to.”

Katie Anderson
Ipswich, Australia

“Thanks so much for my reading/our time. It was excellent and exactly what I needed! I feel like you helped confirm a super big piece for me that’s now helped me ground and see what’s REALLY before me!!”


“I would just like to thank you IMMENSELY for your time yesterday. I super felt like I was talking to like my brother or something. It was very illuminating and I am very thankful for the experience. I will be booking again! Thanks so much again!!”

Rosalind Backstrom
Chicago, Illinois

“Hello Phil, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped illuminate issues that I intuitively already knew, but couldn’t understand. You literally took all of my mumbled subconscious thoughts and brought them to my awareness with structure.”

Will Weston
Ontario, Canada

“Hey Phil! Thank you so much for taking the time talk yesterday. Your session shed a lot of light and it left me feeling lighter and empowered. You have a gift and I really appreciate you sharing that. I’m looking forward to reconnecting again soon!”

Adam Snow Bramski
Chicago, US

“You were so right about everything !! My life is so awesome right now. I’m moving to Vegas this week. You said this would happen I feel like I’m living a dream.”

Kari Short
Tustin, California

“Thank you so much for the amazing spiritual healing and guidance Phil especially on my spiritual awakening journey and addressing my deep seated issues. Many of my questions were answered. I had a great time talking to you. What a beautiful soul! I feel so much energized, peaceful and renewed! I’m gratefully blessed. Light and love.”

Cindy Halford
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Since our reading, I hear in my head “come from a place of love” many times a day. What a difference it has made in my attitude and all relationships. Thank you.”

Kyle Kohberger
Upstate, New York

“Hi Phil, I wanted to thank you again for your help in our last session. Every time I have a phone session with you, I leave with a better understanding of myself and the world. Learning to relinquish control and by extension my fears, I can start to enjoy the process AKA life. Your life experiences and stories that you share with me really help my feel more comfortable. I also love your analogies. Love and light to you!!”

Melissa Dominguez
Los Angeles, CA

“Hi Phil, I just had to follow up with you. One of the things you said in my reading was I’d have a big move coming up and be moving to a new neighborhood. And it’d be before march. Well I just signed a lease on a house over off of melrose near le pain quotidien and urth cafe.”

Nick Julian

“‘Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value.’ Thank you. Our calls have given me so much room to explore and express things that are inside of me that rarely or not at all get to talk about. My life is fuller and blossoming in the most beautiful ways. You’re here to make an impact not the planet and I’m so moved you’re my coach.”

Jon Ziemer
Dallas, Texas

“Hello Phil, I just wanted to say Thank You. Since the spiritual reading I have felt free, relieved, peace and cannot thank you enough for, the answers I had been searching of a life time. Thank you for helping me out and for being who you are…! Blessing to you always.”

Sadie Sanchez
La Hambra, Orange County

“I am still buzzing from our beautiful talk last night. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to you, but I am eternally grateful for our connection, you magical soul. By the way, I am loving playing with the meditations you have given me… life changing! All my love…”

Alyssa Degati
Nashville, Tennessee

“I just wanted to extend a thanks for the reading today…many of my questions were answered, and many new ones have now unfolded for me to discover and ponder. I feel a sense of excitement to see what more I unearth on this journey.”

Kate Lindquist
Arlington, Virginia

“Hi Phil it’s Natasha from earlier today. I wanted to thank you for the reading. You offered me a level of understanding & confirmation that I needed. You speak such truth without ego, and in a language very few have. You have a profound gift. I hope we reconnect someday.”

Natasha Jean
Los Angeles, CA

“Hi Phil, I appreciate your time today. Just taking a session like this was a big step for me, I was super nervous but you were calming and reassuring. So thank you. I have already started receiving things that I normally would have tried to avoid. Thank you!!!!!”

Paul Imbro
Los Angeles, Ca

“Hi Phil, I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed our talk today…I am still trying to process it all lol but I did take notes and am definitely trying to learn from it…I can’t thankyou enough for helping me figure some things out and working thru alot of pain and emptiness that I’ve had…I truly believe you are a very gifted soul and I really felt your energy even from such a distance …your voice is so soothing and I feel very soothed and at peace right now….thankyou so much again and God bless you.”

Kathy Good
Philadelphia, US

“Had a very touching session with Phil yesterday. Halfway round the world away, via phone, you triggered a lot of deep seated emotions and I was teary throughout most of the session, for several reasons. Your message of hope, love and things you knew without me saying so. And felt your sincerity and strength, and care, like a good friend would give. Thanks for blessing my day and I hope the strong message you share will continue to bless this journey.”

Adrian Quah
Singapore, Malaysia

“Thank you for the spiritual awakening. I am eternally grateful for helping me see things the way they’re supposed to be. A shooting star and a white dove while talking to you, talk about good energy! Endless blessings to you for helping so many with your gift!”

Miami, FL

“I came across Phil’s Instagram page at a time when I desperately needed inspiration. Talking to Phil is like talking to an old friend, you instantly feel at ease. He makes you see the bigger picture; to look at things from a different perspective. I’m still having aha moments days after chatting to him. Hope has been restored.”

Roxy Kairuz
English Editor and Content Producer
Dubai Eye, Virgin Radio Dubai, Dubai 92

“Hi Phil. I want to thank you for the time you spent with me last week. The hour seemed like only minutes. When we ended the call, I wondered why we didn’t do an energy healing. Funny thing was the next day, about mid day, I noticed I felt different. A part of the old me was back. I had access to a part of the power I had lost. Thank you. I will continue seeking council from you. That hour changed me. Again, thank you!”

J.T. Miller
Myrtle Beach, SC

“Hi Phil! Thank you so much once again for such an amazing and magical session today, and for sharing your insights and experiences with me! It truly is a beautiful time to be alive and to be able to experience this shift first hand. You and your work are truly a blessing. And I’m deeply grateful. Speak to you again soon!”

New York, NY

“Phil is really tuned in! He has a unique, spiritual talent which gives him the ability to tap into divine knowledge. During my session he was able to access information that I would not have been able to derive myself. His insight has already helped guide the next step on my journey.”

GJ Ellis
Redlands, CA

Perhaps Phil Great as opposed to Phil Good? I contacted Phil after unintentionally coming across his website. I was open, with a healthy dose of skepticism. Within moments Phil had zeroed in on my single biggest unresolved issue — one I hadn’t even intended to make the focus of our conversation. He was easy to talk to, his insight incredibly astute, and his advice potentially very transformative (assuming I do my part!). Phil is the real deal, and our interaction was profoundly inspiring.

San Francisco, CA

“I cannot articulate nor find the right words to describe my experience with Phil. Phil has a phenomenal gift and an incredible ability to recognize and understand spiritual energies. The guidance he provided me during our session helped me tremendously and I am so excited to put his advice into practice. I would highly recommend Phil to not only anyone carrying doubt, questions or fear but also to anyone who may feel lost or confused with life. Phil has a beautiful way of putting things into perspective in a very constructive manner. I ended my session with Phil feeling confident with myself and eager to pursue this lovely journey called life.”

Demetria Vlahos
Graphic Designer
Danville, CA

“Phil is the teacher I needed for this part of my spiritual journey. I truly feel like I have known this amazing person my entire life and wished we could have talked for hours. Phil helped me understand myself better and opened my eyes to new ways of viewing the situations going on in my life. I know I was meant to find him and will be forever grateful for the guidance he provided.”

Deelle Hines
Personal Trainer
Stellarton, Nova Scotia Canada

“To find a precious pearl in the modern wilderness truly is a very rare event. Once you find, it will reflect all that is you, through its pure luster, in unseen views. Purity brings clarity. The church bells rang, when Phil opened the long distance call punctually at the agreed time and I knew: Everything will be GOOD!.“ Phil is highly intuitive and shares pearls of wisdom and guidance for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. God bless his work.“

Munich, Germany

“I recently had a healing session with Phil for my 14 year old daughter Jodie who has mild cerebral palsy. We are so pleased with the results. I have noticed so many changes in my daughter. She is so much more happier and relaxed and her body less tense. We will definitely be having another healing session and are very excited for the future and all that’s to come. Very pleased I came across his site.”

Carrie Bush
London, England

“I think Phil does a tremendous job at helping those with our most current situation regarding our spiritual awakening journey. He knew exactly what part of the journey I was in and therefore his dialogue was precisely what I needed to hear. He gave me clarity and certainty. I am excited to learn even more by the day.”

Kinesiology Student
San Diego, California

“Dear Phil, thanks so much for all your great help and unconditional love and support you have provided to me along the way! I started to get it now! I believe that your guidance did much good for me though I did not get it right away but it can’t be hidden so long as I started to understand the lesson. I have been here many lifetimes and yaaaa I can do it! Many thanks to you Phil. I appreciate every tiny things u did and still doing for me and to my sister. Lots of love.

Majda Ali
Customer Service Support
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“I just wanted to thank you so much for our convo. It’s already having a huge positive impact on my life. I scream NO in my head whenever a negative thought about myself enters and it just goes away. That’s never happened before. I’m smiling throughout the day notice the difference with my interactions at work and I felt so good about myself today that I jumped on an elliptical and ran the fastest mile I ever ran. So thank you so so much, you are a blessing!”

Katrina Sepulveda
Hicksville, NY

“Words fail to describe how truly remarkable of an experience it is to work with Phil. My heart, my mind, and my soul have been forever changed for the better because of him. I can’t imagine my life and my unfoldment as a soul on this planet without his divine guidance, compassionate heart, and otherworldly presence. Phil is the real deal.”

Shawn-Caulin Young
Los Angeles, California

“Phil will heal you with his voice, his eyes, his thoughts/telepathic touch, his unconditional love. He is an angel on earth and a wisdom keeper. If you have been guided to Phil or he has appeared in your life it is no coincidence. He will assist you to heal deeply and awaken to your true Self to live your destiny as a being of love and light. Allow yourself this miracle. Receive the light and pass it on. Blessings.”

Tanya Plitsch
Melbourne, Australia

“In life, there are those searching and then there are those knowing… Phil Good was born with a gift knowing that his gift was to heal and that is exactly what he does. I had a reiki/healing with Phil this past year and it was just that – a gift. His focused deameanor is soothing yet forceful and his energy is electric. Once our session was finished, there was a definite shift for me – a peaceful calm washed over my body – a calm that lasted for quite some time. Start your 2014 on the right foot and see Phil and feel good.”

Lawrence Zarian
Fashion Guy at LIVE with Kelly and Michael
Los Angeles, CA

“I have been suffering from a herniated disk and extremely painful sciatica for a year and a half. I have tried every medical outlet I could think of from chiropractic medicine, orthopedic surgery to osteopathy. Nothing seemed to have worked and my daily life has become a constant struggle from the simple tasks of sitting down to sleeping due to the pain and extreme discomfort of my medical condition. Many doctors have said that it may be a lifelong condition as surgery is a small fraction of a guarantee that it would be successful. To me that was too much of a liability and burden to bear. I have consulted and received a healing from Phil months before my symptoms have started from a recent trauma that I have been through. He has worked wonders for me on a spiritual front in the past. So I decided to reach out to him again and take my chances. As many would say or believe that what he does is impossible and not scientifically possible, I have experienced something that is beyond current comprehension, perhaps even still in the scientific community. He has instantly healed my herniated disk and severe sciatic pain. Within hours, and ultimately days after receiving my healing from Phil, my symptoms disappeared. I was healed. Over a year and half of a debilitating injury which doctors had no relief or cure for, Phil healed me within moments. I cannot describe how, or why. But it is the truth and I am ever so grateful that the world has people like Phil in it. Albeit a rarity.  He has inexplicable and amazing gifts and is truly a godsend. Thank you Phil for healing me. I will never forget the miracle that you performed. This world needs more people like you.”

Chad Aaron
Real Estate Agent
New York, NY

“Phil is gifted and his calling from God is apparent. He has been instrumental for me and my awakening. Phil was able to hone in on my chakras and where I was at emotionally and spiritually. Not only did I experience a new current and flow, I gained fresh insight which gave me comfort, assurance, and I trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be on my life journey. Phil is a vehicle and catalyst of light and pure energy assisting us and taking us to the next level!”

Maria Cilluffo
Founder MC2 Business Ventures
Philadelphia, PA

“Before I had a restorative healing, my life for the past 14 months, was full of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety. So much so that it was deeply embedded and affected every part of my life. I was literally paralyzed with fear.Since my healing I am making positive progress on a daily basis. The constant fear is gone. Others have commented that I am laughing again. My days are so much happier now! Best of all, as I continue to make progress I am seeing so many positive changes within my life and making my dreams a reality. I am very grateful for the healing I received.”

Marie Kobee
Charlotte, NC

“Phil Good has been working with me for several weeks providing spiritual guidance in key areas where I’ve felt stuck.  He is tuned in on the Soul level which is evident by the way he mentors, supports and the empowering words and parallels he uses to deliver guidance…it always resonates!  He is spiritually gifted and his integrity provides a safe and trusting space that’s felt immediately. It’s a challenge to try to balance a Spiritual path, a time intensive job, family and life’s curve balls yet Phil “gets it”.  He has given me tools to use in my situation to address my blocks and obstacles, the changes and challenges that arise on the journey, and he has been invaluable to me. He is clearly driven with love to share his beautiful gifts to enable others to tap into their own. I’m at a distance so our work has not been face-to-face however this has not diminished his impact.  In fact, when I’ve re-read his emails, the energy they carry causes my third eye to tingle like crazy.  For me, that’s confirmation!  I highly recommend contacting Phil regardless of where you are on your journey.  You will not be disappointed!”

Cynthia D.
Legal Professional
San Diego, CA

“I received an activation from Phil recently. He was supportive and very helpful in guiding me through the process. His light and knowledge are incredible. As a result, my senses are heightened and my intuition is sharper. This is only the beginning. So beautiful. Gratefully Blessed.

Margie Garzon
College Instructor
Oxnard, CA

“I wasn’t sure what Reiki was. I had heard about it and decided to look up more information on it. Turns out that in my search, I had come across an article where they listed the Top 10 Reiki professionals in my area and for some reason I didn’t understand at the time, I picked Phil. I sent him an email via the contact form on the site and he responded promptly and gave me the information I needed to decide which service to pick so I scheduled the “Spiritual Energy Transfer”. I didn’t know what to expect of it but the minute I shook his hand I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. The experience was incredibly positive and if anyone out there is wondering whether they should try it or not, listen to what your heart says and I am sure you won’t regret it.”

Alan Rauta
Chief Operating Officer
Marina Del Rey, CA

“I would be happy to talk to anyone about my spiritual awakening experience with Phil Good. It has been an enormous privilege to meet Phil Good. He is a healer of the soul which is our very essence. It is there that he goes to talk with you, and find the root of your circumstances or your desire to becoming all that you were created to be. He came into my life when I was really heading down the wrong path. I had a history of difficulties, and things were about to get really out of control. He gave me a reading which brought clarity to my issues and solutions I was able to discover with his spiritual guidance. He has an astonishing insight into human nature, and through my conversations with him, I have gained much self-knowledge and have grown spiritually. He helped me with so many things in just a short amount of time. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to know someone who combines such outstanding talent with genuine kindness. After speaking with him, almost immediately I started to have an awakening into solutions about what was troubling me. His skills, innate instinct and spiritual wisdom has provided me exactly what I needed during a rough time in my life. He always has a word of encouragement or wisdom and it’s always delivered in love. I would recommend Phil to anyone who feels stuck and is looking for rapid results in any area of your life because he is quite simply “life changing”. He is truly is a very special, gifted person and I will never be able to express my gratitude towards him enough. I am blessed to have him touch my life.”

Health Care Professional
Anaheim, CA

“Hi Phil. My name is Emmylou and we had a session a little while ago. I want to thank you. I feel like up til now I have been operating with a blunt knife and you have given me / blessed me with the tool I need to sharpen it. I am ever grateful. Putting in the work now that I have more direction. Thank you.”

Emmylou Wood
Denver, Colorado

From the moment I met Phil, I felt his bright light and pure God essence — a true spiritual healer. As soon as my session started with Phil, I left my physical reality, seeing my astral body flying into higher dimensions of consciousness. My whole body was moving as if I was one with the universe, seeing beautiful planets and stars all around me. Then, I felt Phil put his hands on my 3rd eye and saw a vision of Jesus. A bright light blinded me. I then went back into space, where I saw a hologram of Phil. Looking deep into his eyes, we both became one with the Kundalini energy and took off like rocket ships, merging together into the universe. Having this experience with Phil was mind blowing and has elevated my spiritual and intuitive gifts in the healing arts. Phil is a special soul lighting the way for so many and I thank him for his purposeful path helping to awaken the collective.

Light & Love,

Sean Jones
Spiritual healer/Massage Intuitive/Qigong Teacher
Philadelphia, PA

“Hello Phil, I wanted to say this thing to you….it’s been 2 weeks now since u did my healing. Since then i feel like SuperWoman!! I feel like as if i’m high on drugs or something… although i’ve never done drugs in my life… lol… but you understand what I’m trying to say. I’m dangerously close to getting addicted to your healing now even though u did only once! hehehe. You know, I was like this something five years back. I used to feel like there was nothing impossible in this world for me to do… no problem no obstacle scared me. I just tackled it and went on my way… and then I had to shift place and go back home. I was away from home for studies. After i went back home, things just went spinning down until I hit rock bottom last year in December. I’m so glad I’m back on track now. Still some way to go to feeling just like I used to five years ago but I know I’m reaching there. I just took up the biggest project ever at work. I have no idea how it’s going to go…but I’m so excited to have got the courage to stick my neck out and take it up. I just love the feeling of adrenaline!! All i know is that this opportunity surely showed up all thanks to your healing….so again, many many heartfelt thanks to you. I’m very grateful for all the good you give out.”

Preeti Seenundun
Director – Computer Training Institute

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our reading together, you gave me so much knowledge and wisdom that will stick with me forever. And I really appreciate you taking the time to do that even though I did not ask for it. That’s why I appreciate this so much more! You gave me light. Thank you so much and God bless you! You truly have a gift from God.”

Nikki Talamante
Phoenix, Arizona

“You are a book of infinite knowledge, which sometimes has your head spinning with how to convey your message, but you manage and make magic happen every single time. You have some a long way from the person you once were and are now in your deepest awareness yet. You express the most gentlest of compassion, and yet have the spiritual strength of a thousand men. You are love and your healing light is emanating such beauty as I speak. I can feel my third eye fill up with such joy and love. Thank you beautiful soul for everything that you are doing. We are with you, as you are with us, and your workings are being highly acknowledged and deeply appreciated. May you continue to reach the masses and touch their hearts with your divine truth in all that you do, and then some.”

Danielle Mora
Glendora, California

“I look up to you as a teacher/ mentor . Life is so good after our chat. Honestly you are an angel and you inspire me to be one too.”

Anila Vucaj

“It’s a great truth that those who possess divine gifts, are those with the wisdom and heart to share them. And Phil Good embodies the rare and remarkable spirit of a master healer who walks the walk in loving service to others, in both power & personality. To begin with, his Gift is exceptional. There are simply no words to explain how truly profound and otherworldly his abilities are, or the experience of feeling first-hand the way he directs energy into the body without hands. There is nothing subtle about it! I am confident that even a skeptic will walk away a true believer that God has bestowed Phil with a very special Gift that heals and awakens a truly Divine and spiritual journey. And like the very Kundalini he rises, Phil is a genuinely caring, supportive giver and guide of health and happiness through light.”

Brad Schwartz
TV / Film Editor
Los Angeles, CA

“I want to tell you thank you for the reading on Friday. I really can’t tell you enough how open and aware I feel after our conversation. Saturday morning watching a Disney show with my daughters, I experienced a message about the light and the darkness in the theme of the show. Something that made me feel lighter and more aware. I have seen this show a few times and never paid attention to this beautiful message of us all being connected. I have had a few other experiences thus far and feel I am on the right path. Knowing that I chose these challenges and lessons and knowing that I signed up for everything I have gone through is a great feeling. A feeling of purpose. Thank you again. I am excited to continue my journey and and feel drawn to learn more about being connected. Everyday is such a blessing looking for the lesson and messages and feeling a higher purpose and reason for existence.”

Traci Deleon
Tomball, Texas

“If you have considered or ever pondered some spiritual healing, I would highly recommend Phil to be the person you choose. Phil is a kind, loving and beautiful soul who reaches out to those of us who need spiritual help and guidance. His healing on me has been major in my opinion, and what he has achieved with the help of the divine has allowed me to step back and breathe. I feel rejuvenated and reborn in some ways, alive and forever thankful. My life is now unfolding in such a positive way, any negativity and darkness has “gone”, and I feel lighter of spirit. I only wish that I could do for others what Phil has done for me. I am forever grateful and humbled by this experience.”

Admin Manager
Brisbane, Australia

“In a time of need I came across Phil’s service which provided instant calmness, comfort and motivation to move further with a couple of adjustments. I received great knowledge that kind of left my mouth wide open. Thanks again Phil and keep it up.”

Daniel Jacobs
Berlin, Germany

“Dear Phil ,thank you so much for the phone reading, it was amazing and the hour passed way too quickly, I could have listened to you for hours!  I was shocked at the insight you had into my life, I’m determined to speak and live my truth and be the authentic person I was meant to be.  You are a very wise, old soul!” Karen Leeds Yorkshire, England “Phil is a beautiful soul, both kind and gifted. His guidance is spot on and incredibly intuitive, and the energy transfer is remarkable. Despite being over 5,000+ miles away in London, I felt the effect of his work, in the same way a person can feel the effects of the wind, yet cannot see the ‘air’ around you. Phil is the real deal and I highly recommend his services.”

Veruschca Walker
London, England

“After my guidance session with Phil I feel excited to continue on my spiritual journey. Phil has allowed my faith in myself to increase which was something I desperately needed. I look forward to putting his advice into practice and welcome the wonderful journey I now know I have ahead of me. Phil you are a great guy who’s wonderful personality shines even through a telephone and I look forward to connecting with you again!” Lynsey Taylor
Glasgow, Scotland

“Phil has a unique way of explaining things which allowed me to look at what is going on in my life from a different perspective. This helped me a great deal. Phil is very gifted and has an incredible amount of wisdom to share.”

Leanne Keating
Vancouver, Canada

“Phil has a gentle & calm energy. Our time on the phone was very comforting & insightful. Phil picked up on things in my life that needed attention & healing and his advice has proven to be very helpful.”

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainier
Phoenix, AZ

“After my 30 mins Spiritual Guidance with Phil , I felt lighter & a sense of security and peace. I felt like a dark cloud that was hanging over me for years had wiped away. I felt a sense of joy & protection. What was really important to me is how much Phil emphasized God in a spiritual & uplifting & comforting way (That’s what also confirmed he was not just any New Age Sage.) I truly believe his own experiences in life & with the Divine make him solid and Trustworthy! I am looking forward to our future Spiritual Healing & Guidance sessions. Phil means Good in all ways.”

S. Fae Fruitwala
Haleiwa, Hawaii

“I was at a crossroad about whether to resist or fully accept my destined spiritual path. Talking with Phil was the catalyst I needed to dedicate my future to spiritual development and aiding others on their journey. As soon as I viewed his website purple and yellow energy flowed towards my head and I fell asleep, and when I awoke I felt extremely compelled to speak with him. I have yet to communicate with another physical human who understood me as he did, and affected me in such a profound way in such a short period of time.”

Student of Kundalini
West Covina, CA

“I was guided to the services of Phil Good’s services of Spiritual Guidance for clarity, peace and direction. Phil did not disappoint. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.”

Genaah Meadows
Director of Operations
High River, Alberta, Canada

“After the guidance and spiritual transfer session one week ago. big shifts are going on!!! My way of looking to the world is still changing for the better, and positive thoughts are now most of the time on my mind; which is truly a blessing and wonder for me! Before I was breathing in and out negative thoughts. Sometimes a negativity pops up, but easily with just thinking and feeling love and light (which Phil filled me with) it’s gone! I smile most of the day and another big change is that I see my future happy and full of beautiful things to happen! I am excited about what wonders will happen! 
I thank Phil a thousand times more, he is a light of love with absolute beautiful powers! He takes time for you to give you all the help you need.”

Sabine H.
The Netherlands, Europe.

“I had never before sought spiritual guidance, and I’m extremely grateful that I found Phil. He helped get me unstuck; he helped me see and unlock the potential within me. In a time when my spiritual growth was stagnating and fears had reclaimed their grasp in me, Phil helped me understand the blockages and how to stay in alignment. He was energized by wanting to help me, and did so clearly, efficiently, warmly, and patiently.”

Joshua Sciortino
Web Marketing
Los Angeles, California

“I was so moved to tears by your beautiful healing! The night you were sharing your precious gift with me, I was asleep but during my semi sleep and awake, I kept seeing flashing white light! It was so beautiful, so soothing! Before my healing, I felt cluttered & clogged. Since my experience, I feel so much lighter and peaceful, so energized & renewed! Thank you Phil..I will be forever grateful to you.”

April Penna
Sacramento, California

“My dearest Phil, I have struggled with so much for so long… I was pulled to beautiful tears with your healing. There are no words for my gratitude as it helped me to overcome, release, and finish my Usui Master Degree. I am forever grateful for your blessings and gift. You, too, are truly chosen.”

Kat Whitaker
Motel and Multiple Property Manager
Sidney, Montana

“I want to truly thank you for everything Phil. You are the BEST!!! You have deeply touched my heart and soul. You have to be a Human Angel. Your energy feels so magnetic. You are a true inspiration and have helped me more than you know. Thank you with ALL my Heart. Lots of Love & Blessings.”

Julie Gomez
Denver, Colorado

“I was blessed with the opportunity to do a remote healing session with Phil. For 2 nights following our contact I felt a shifting that woke me up during each night. When I awoke the first night I felt lighter, not sleepy, almost energized with a sense of having released something. Phil was attentive to my emails during these days and his responses to my questions resonated with me. Phil is gifted with an ability to heal, coming from a place of great light. Thank you for the amazing work that you do!”

Erin Mccloskey
Marketing Director
Healdsburg, CA

“Hello Phil, I hope that this email finds you well. I wanted to write you to thank you for the Spiritual Energy Transfer. It has been an awakening at all levels and I feel blessed to have had met you and to have had the experience. I know that this experience is a pivotal point and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I wanted to express my gratitude to you and thank you for all that you have done for me. You are a gift. Thank you Phil! Be well.”

Caroline C.
Toronto, Canada

“Phil has a transcendent ability to activate your third eye. What I appreciated the most was the powerful energy exchange which reminded me how limitless we all truly are. I believe his gift can speed up one’s search for connection and intuition by downloading the lessons he has already learned into you while widening the channels within yourself for immediate use. One year of meditation in one hour!”

Daniel Raphael
Spiritual Guide
Los Angeles, CA

“Hi, my name is Louis Vasquez. I just want to say about Phil, his healing abilities are truly amazing. His gifts truly come from the heart. I am so honored to experience his stunning high spiritual energies of the Light. Phil is a true warrior of Light. He has come to earth to help humanity on so many levels. I recommend to all my brothers and sisters to take the opportunity to be in his Great Blessed Presence. I have great inner peace within me, already unfolding, and the great expansion of consciousness on all levels. He is an amazing advanced soul of the highest Light from God. The highest blessings to you brother of the Light of God. Namaste.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Phil performed a Spiritual Energy Transfer on me, from a distance, only last week. Progression has been rapid. I believe this is because although I first had my Kundalini Awaking some years ago, I allowed the energy to go dormant. Raising kids…recently with a life changing event I knew I had to turn inward to find peace and happiness. That was my Higher Self guiding me. I recently began meditating as a Christmas present to myself. Well my Higher Self led me here! I just ‘happened’ to catch a FB friend liking a post to Phil’s site. There are NO ACCIDENTS. I can tell you that with his Gift he totally tapped in and turbo charged my progress. I also work with energy and can say that in just this past week I am so much more tuned in to my clients needs. I am starting to attract those spiritual companionships I have been craving. I could seriously write a book here. And I know this is just grazing the service. These gifts are dormant in each of us until they are Awakened. You will see as I have that Phil is totally tuned in. His compassion and love shines through and come through his words which are passed to him through the Intelligence/Collective consciousness. It is hard to find the words to express the gratitude I feel…”

Judy Johnson
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Glen Cove, NY

“I did not know what to expect since I had never done something like this over the phone. Phil made me feel at ease right from the start of our conversation (my spiritual  guidance). He kindly explained how I was doing or not doing things the correct way so as not to repeat them and be able to move forward in life …. mine.  I do believe, he has a Special Connection and with that, he is giving each one of us a blessing through his work.  He opened my mind to greater things. Thank You!”

Karen L. McKee
San Antonio,Texas

“Hi Phil, it has been two weeks since the energy transfer. Last night, I had an extremely amazing experience. I was meditating and felt energy start to happen. My body was being moved around by some force like I was a contortionist — moving up my spine. It really felt like at times like my body was being realigned from the inside out. At one point, my crown filled with the brightest light when all of a sudden it exploded and my whole body jerked forward with this huge serge of energy. Wow. I have been trying different techniques over the last year to no avail. Thank you so much for your energy transfer and guidance.”

Colin Fox
Gold Coast, Australia