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Dark Forces

When they said I was bipolar 11 years ago, I knew it wasn’t true. And guess what… I was right. The dark forces were just trying to keep me from my mission here on earth.. which is to do my part in anchoring as much light as I can into the Earth grid, and to demolish the kingdom of darkness. The dark forces tried to get me when I was young and naive. They knew that if they didn’t capture me at a young age, that I would eventually become a force to be reckoned with. A vigilante if you will. I don’t blame their strategies… it was rather smart on their part. But what they failed to realize is that my Spirit couldn’t be held down. It was too hungry for a deeper connection and a magic I knew existed. Now that I remember, I will NEVER AGAIN... read more

Fifth Dimension

What I’m most passionate about is developing self-mastery. That entails learning how to move energy telekinetically, accessing the collective subconscious and the Akashic records through the portal in my third eye, communicating with other beings at a telepathic level, finding ‘almost-impossible-to-find’ points in my energy field that are still devoid of light and holding them in the light of awareness, working with my active Kundalini to better integrate my spirituality and humanness, being in several places at once, and working with people inter-dimensionally when they don’t know that I am. In the fifth dimension, we’ll have the ability to move objects with our minds (on command), we’ll be able to bi-locate, we’ll communicate through telepathy (no words needed)… and have various other supernatural abilities. This is our ‘bootcamp’. Planet Earth is where we learn how and when to surrender, when to push back, when to be still, when to make a move, when to be bold, and when to be gracious. And so in many ways, what we’re doing is learning how to find that perfect balance of the mind, through a deeper understanding of when it is appropriate to apply our masculine energy, and when it is best to use our feminine. The universe is continually giving us feedback when we’ve used too much of either i.e. your actions backfire. Essentially, we are here to become full-fledged beings of the light. This is only the beginning. Believe me. We are in elementary school. And it is so exciting to know that we’ll only go up from here. Be the best you you can be today. Happy Sunday. And... read more

Moving back into alignment

The best way to get back into alignment is to be of service. It is the ultimate remedy. If you do this, you won’t pop out of alignment as much.   Understand this… everything is energy. Everything and everyone is made of energy. Money is energy, driving your friends to LAX (ugh I love that one) is energy, placing calls to people who cross your mind is an offering of energy, giving thanks for your sight, for your hearing, for your food, giving awesome hugs, looking at people in their soul and acknowledging them, treating your body sacredly, picking up trash when you see some laying on the street… are all examples of spreading good energy.   GIVE GIVE GIVE, and you WILL without a doubt receive magnificence. If you pop out of alignment a lot, you’re not giving enough. You are self-serving more than you are serving. The Universe isn’t trying to hurt you when you feel scattered, angry, disempowered, sad or impatient. It’s simply trying to get your attention as to how to tip the scale back over to the middle. You are extremely powerful. Everything you experience is something YOU (yes you) unconsciously, subconsciously, or consciously created. If there’s drama in your life, YOU created that. Doesn’t that speak to how powerful you are? Your drama is your creation. Lol Now just think of what you can conjure up if you use your power for good.... read more

Messages from the ‘upper deck’

When someone smiles at you, it isn’t just them smiling at you. It’s the Universe smiling at you, telling you you’re doing a great job and are on the right track. When someone expresses their disappointment in you, ask yourself: “what might I have done to attract this?” Perhaps the Universe is showing you what you need to correct within yourself so that you may become more aware of your future thoughts and actions. The Universe sends us hundreds upon hundreds of ‘updates’ (lessons) throughout the day, and most of the time, we press ‘remind me later’ because we just don’t want to deal with that lesson right now. :) Please understand… the Universe isn’t out to get you. It’s here to advance you through this interactive video game called life. And it’ll use both the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ to do so. Essentially, every single human being is a divine expression of God/Source consciousness and so no one is exempt from being a ‘vehicle’ through which we can be taught. Be receptive to all that is thrown at you. Open up your heart, and tune into what’s happening on a higher level. There is always a message being sent to you from the ‘upper... read more

My story

When people see me, they think I’m genetically strong and naturally spiritual. What they don’t see is that I spent my early twenties in psych wards, have overcome countless compulsive disorders, struggled with my sexuality, have been in mentally abusive relationships, suffered from severe depression from a very young age, and the list goes on. I have nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. In 2011, I knew that I couldn’t go on. I felt nudged to give meditation a go. And so I did. Hopeless, angry, depressed, and heavily medicated, I cried out for help. I begged God/Source for a Divine Intervention. Within seconds, my Kundalini awakened and I had a ‘walk-in’ experience. I felt as though a new consciousness walked into my body and ‘came online’. I remember crying out tears of joy, feeling like hundreds of angels were hugging me, telling me everything would be okay. A new life was birthed that day. I have not been the same since. I am devoted to my path because I have experienced a miracle. The Universe is brilliantly designed and there is nothing that can keep our soul suppressed or oppressed when there is willingness for change. Believe that your reality can change overnight… because it can if you get out of your own way and allow for new life to come... read more

Do what comes naturally to you

When I had my spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in 2011, all of my higher, unused senses came online. I would throughout the day receive novels upon novels of information ‘inter-dimensionally’. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time cocooning to ‘foster’ these higher frequencies and develop these newfound abilities. I would write posts about all kinds of ‘otherworldly’ discoveries on Facebook, and if I was lucky, I would at the most get 3 likes on Facebook. My sister, to this day says “remember when you used to post all this stuff and no one paid attention?” I do remember, and the truth is.. it didn’t matter to me. I knew that I had uncovered something magical. And I stuck to my guns. My spirit guides, angels, and especially the Arcturians (a group of higher dimensional beings I telepathically work with) told me to remain true to what I had uncovered. I was broke, but man was I loving life. I knew that these ‘codes’ I was working on cracking, and that this energy that was now actively and unapologetically flowing in my body was the very substance responsible for creating and sustaining all of life. So I wasn’t sweating it one bit. I kept focused, accepted I was ‘different’, and stayed true to my ‘default setting’ or what came naturally to me. Always stay true to yourself, and never stop cultivating what comes to you effortlessly, and makes you feel tingly inside. Don’t worry about what others are doing. If someone calls you crazy for doing something that doesn’t make much sense (to them), say thank you and... read more


I’m VIBING HIGH, simply because I am not one to ALLOW OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES to DETERMINE my REALITY. Always REMEMBER that you ARE a PRIME CREATOR BEING and that YOU get to SHAPE YOUR OWN REALITY. I understand politics is a sensitive subject, but what I can offer is my spiritual perspective. Everything that has TRANSPIRED and that will continue to TRANSPIRE is PART OF A DIVINE UNFOLDING. Nothing is COINCIDENTAL. Whatever this has caused to BUBBLE UP in you is INDICATIVE of ISSUES you’re still HANGING ONTO at a PERSONAL LEVEL. It is all transpiring so that we can COOPERATE with GOD/SOURCE AND PARTICIPATE in our SOUL ADVANCEMENT. We can either be REACTIONARY, or we can view ALL EXTERNAL OCCURRENCES, ESPECIALLY those we CANNOT CONTROL, as a MARVELOUS OFFERING from the UNIVERSE to help POINT US in the RIGHT DIRECTION. Eventually, maybe not now, but as we evolve as beings, we will ATTAIN a VIBRATIONAL STATE IN WHICH NOTHING can RUFFLE OUR FEATHERS. For now, what DOES have the CAPACITY TO SHAKE YOU UP is an OPPORTUNITY for SOUL ADVANCEMENT ~ an OPPORTUNITY to get your ‘MAGNIFYING GLASS’ OUT and EXAMINE your PERSONAL LIFE. If you’re wanting to move out of the US, perhaps you’re RUNNING a ‘CONTROL’ PROGRAM. Is this IMPULSE you have of wanting to leave the country associated to the control you exert over people? Do you get reactionary when you don’t get your way? If so, then the ELECTION has already helped you. It’s STIRRING UP what NEEDS TO POUR OUT OF YOU: your personal control issues. This is just an example. Let us see... read more

Love over fear

When I came to the CONSCIOUS realization that FEAR was the opposing force of LOVE, and that I AM that love, it became CRISP CLEAR that ENTERTAINING or FEEDING FEAR as I once did meant that doing so WOULD BE DISHONORING the TRUTH of WHO I AM. I now had a RESPONSIBILITY, not only for my own life, but for the ENTIRE COSMOS, to SAY NO to FEAR. I was super afraid of the CONSEQUENCES (losing friends, career, …) because the FEAR had CONVINCED ME, my whole life, that it WAS REAL. But this wasn’t about me. It was about something greater than me, and that DEFINITELY MADE IT EASIER and GAVE ME A SENSE OF COMFORT. The more I REJECTED or CONFRONTED FEAR, the more I WAS SHOWN that it was WAS NOT REAL. And OH MAN did life become fun when I MADE IT OVER THAT HUMP. DO NOT BE AFRAID. You are A UNIVERSAL BEING OF LOVE AND LIGHT and it is your DUTY to STAND in LOVE. If you feed fear, you are DABBLING. And we cannot DABBLE. We just HAVE TO JUMP and SACRIFICE WHO WE THINK WE ARE so that we can RECONNECT to WHO IT IS THAT WE REALLY... read more

Third Eye

A great technique I developed to facilitate the opening of your third eye is as follows: Envision a beautiful diamond in the middle of your forehead. 💎 Now imagine that there is a ‘straw’, just like one you would use to drink a soda, starting from the inside of your nostrils, going all the way up to this flawless diamond. With every inhale, imagine that you are sending up a sort of ‘liquid light’ into this diamond ~ a radiant light that will energize it with every breath you take. This will reawaken your inner spiritual sight. I say reawaken (opposed to awaken) because when this third eye of yours opens, you will remember what it’s like to be you. You will be so elated. It will feel brand new, and at the same time will have an inexplicably familiar quality. That is because it is who you are… who you WERE centuries ago… and who you will be once again. Remember… being psychic isn’t special. It is completely natural. We have just been dumbed down over time. But ‘their’ time is up. We are waking up. And the light always prevails. Here’s to remember all that we are, and to using this very advanced device known as the third eye. Here’s to seeing the unseen, hearing the unspoken, and knowing the untold… so that we may set ourselves free from the illusion of fear and so that we may experience and connect to the Heaven that is already upon us… right here on... read more

Turn the volume up on your intentions

INTENTIONS are good, but The INTENSITY behind your INTENTIONS is EVERYTHING. It is like the VOLUME KNOB on your MUSIC. One person may show gratitude for a meal, but if they PULSE that GRATITUDE OUT into the UNIVERSE and EXTEND IT to parents all over the globe who put food on the table for their children every night, then that INTENTION is MAGNIFIED. One person may PET A DOG, and hold a LOVING INTENTION, but if they pet that same dog and imagine that they are ‘PETTING THE PLANET’, and HEALING our EARTH as they do so, then that INTENTION is AMPLIFIED. One person may let go of a friend who is toxic with the intention of coming into MORE SELF-LOVE, but if that same person lets their friend go with the INTENTION of CLEARING all TOXIC BEHAVIORS in the world, they may inspire another person in CHINA, in a similar situation, to do the same. See the difference? Both approaches are great, but the second option holds a MULTIDIMENSIONAL quality. I do this everyday of my life with all people and things, and I KNOW that my INTENTIONS RIPPLE THROUGHOUT the COSMOS. How? BASED ON THE FIRST CLASS TREATMENT I RECEIVE from the UNIVERSE.. based on the INCREDIBLE SUPPORT I have. Not only from friends and family, but from my CELESTIAL FRIENDS.. my ANGELS. MOTHER EARTH is always sending me GIFTS to AFFIRM ME AND to ACKNOWLEDGE MY EFFORTS. And I don’t even ask for anything in return. But she insists. 👦🏼 So take this and run with it. START IMPLEMENTING this in your everyday life. Thank me... read more

Mondays don’t have suck

The way you feel on weekends is how you can feel every day of your life. If you dislike Mondays, you have simply given your PERSONAL POWER over to what Mondays represent. You DO NOT have to make an agreement with the ‘collective mindset’ which you are SUBCONSCIOUSLY CONNECTED TO by an invisible thread that MONDAYS SUCK. Mondays can be as JUST AS great as Saturdays. AMP UP what SATURDAY ELICITS in you, and say to your angels, to the universe, to your higher self “I wish to feel this SENSE OF FREEDOM which is THE UTTER TRUTH of who I am everyday of my life, and I am calling IN your assistance to help me reclaim the FULLNESS of who it that I AM no matter what day it is.” It’s just about reframing and reconditioning these false programs we’ve been fed since our childhood and recognizing that we are PRIME CREATOR BEINGS and that we get to ALTER our EXTERNAL REALITY by ALTERING our ENERGETIC... read more

Loving my body more

Working out less and loving my body more. I have never felt so energized, and so powerful mentally and spiritually. About 6 months ago, I took a few days off the gym and felt guilt. That’s when I knew something was attached to me and had been hiding in my blindspot, driving me to the gym daily without me even knowing. So when the guilt kicked in, it was pretty eye-opening. There are malevolent forces in the lower astral realms that have studied us in depth and are familiar with our areas of weakness. And they will use whatever routine you develop which can potentially turn into an unhealthy/habitual pattern to hold a tight grip over you… to enslave you and separate you from your inherent divinity (psychic powers). And then when you’re not able to get to the gym, or can’t get that healthy meal you want, you lose your noodles and realize that you’ve unconsciously entrapped yourself in this structure you originally created for your wellness. I challenge you to ‘starve’ a pattern of yours for two days and examine what comes up for you. You may be astonished to see what is holding a tight grip on you. So many of us develop unhealthy patterns thinking they are healthy and aren’t even aware of this. We go too far left or too far right. We get overly attached to our children, to our exercise, to our social media and the list goes on. By starving these habits, you’ll identify which entity (guilt, shame, insecurity) has attached onto you, and through this, you can empower yourself like... read more

Don’t just get your feelings out

Because I meditate a lot, and tend to live in a space where my energy field is constantly getting flooded with Higher Frequencies of Energy, I tend to always want to ‘get rid of it’ through exercise — and ‘recycle’ it or reboot so to speak. The thing about it is that became a cycle in itself, and I knew there was a ‘code’ somewhere in there that I wasn’t quite cracking. I realized a lot of us just want to GET OUR ENERGY or FEELINGS OUT through outlets like the gym, art, sex and so forth. But we do this because we’re afraid of what that energy might ‘show us’ about ourselves if we simply sit with it and learn to love ourselves more through the process of doing so. I’ve learned that there is NO need to get rid of these Higher Frequencies of Light or Energy. When we push them away, we pretty much tell them we’re not ready for inner change and that they should come back another time. In other words, it’s like throwing a boomerang. I’ve learned to contain this energy (and not overdo) while I work out, EVEN IF that brings me discomfort. I want the energy to know that I’m here.. that I’m listening.. and that I’m not running (i.e. getting rid of it). When we just get rid of what we ‘think’ are our feelings, we are saying we’re not ready for an instant spiritual rewiring or transformation — that we’re not strong enough to process stuff on our own. PACE YOURSELF, and let these Light Frequencies reveal more about who... read more

Moving into your soul purpose

We’re not perfect. We’re flawed. But if your intentions are pure, if you’re here to do good things, if you’re honest and truthful, and if you treat your mind body and soul like a sacred temple, the Universe will assist you in achieving your DIVINE POTENTIAL. The Universe will know you’re here to serve, and so it will serve you. Why wouldn’t it? So many people are self-serving and driven by ego. If you’re here to volunteer in raising your vibration, as well as our planet’s vibration by spreading good energy, OF COURSE you will be used. The Universe LOVES volunteers. Your divine soul purpose may not happen overnight, but if it doesn’t, it’s because you are BEING MOLDED to move into it. Be patient and keep doing your work. Release fears that come up for you as you go through your spiritual process, and everything will be MORE than amazing. If you feel like you’re struggling more than those around you, it’s because the Universe thinks you’re THAT STRONG to execute your mission here on Earth. Stay focused on you!.. don’t get distracted by things or people around you. As co-creators of your reality, your ONLY JOB is to shift the world inside of you i.e. your thoughts, beliefs, patterns etc. If you can manage to do this without getting distracted by the outside world, God/Source/Creator will come in and fill your ‘canvas’ and manifest your external... read more

Accept yourself as you are

I still look muscular, but I used to be a lot more defined. Now, when I look back on those pics, when I was working SO DAMN HARD to look a certain way, every definition in my body tells a story. One definition says “you didn’t want to go to the gym that day, but you went because it’s what society tells us to do.” The other definition says “you wanted to go to the beach that day, and you didn’t because you thought ‘relaxing’ (rather than overachieving) was bad.” On the flip-side, those definitions also tell me they needed to happen so that I could come to these realizations.  I’ve already released the idea of a perfect body. I wish to live in balance and always do things that feel good to me. Loving yourself, JUST AS YOU ARE, makes you whole again. When you are whole, you exude more confidence. And when you are confident, you exude more light. Always ask yourself (this is one of the main techniques I teach people) “what is driving me to do this or that? What is driving me to say this or that?” And this applies to all things. What is driving me to text this person? What is driving me to drink tonight? What is driving me to have sex or masturbate? (yes I just went there).  If it is self-love, GO FOR IT. Celebrate yourself. If it is a lack of self-love, like you’re missing something and needing to fill a void, maybe hit pause and learn how to love yourself a little more that day. Meditation retreats don’t... read more

Absence and presence

When you FOCUS ON LACK, you are FEEDING ABSENCE. You are GIVING POWER to SOMETHING that isn’t THERE. And so it starts to take on a LIFE OF ITS OWN. IT starts to CONVINCE YOU that you will be WITHOUT… without love, without money, without joy, without, without, without. And it DOES SO because it WANTS you to FEED IT MORE. The POWER you GIVE IT is ITS FOOD. And if it is fed enough, it will eventually be able to MANIFEST ITSELF in PHYSICAL FORM. It is important to REMEMBER that the OPPOSITE of ABSENCE is PRESENCE. If you are PRESENT and FOCUS on WHAT YOU DO HAVE, WHAT IS HERE, WHAT IS FRONT OF YOU RIGHT NOW, you will FEED that which has ALREADY MANIFESTED in PHYSICAL FORM. In other words, you WILL BE FEEDING A LIVING ORGANISM. Rather than TAKING ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN, it WILL GIVE BIRTH to NEW LIFE. IT will give birth to MORE JOY, MORE LOVE, MORE BEAUTY, MORE, MORE,... read more

The Wisdom Keepers

I work with a group called the ‘WISDOM KEEPERS’. The way they operate is they HOLD THOUSANDS OF KEYS that unlock different PARTS of GOD’s MIND — the ALL CONSCIOUSNESS. You can think of them as HIGH DIMENSIONAL BEINGS that ‘SCREEN YOU’ to see if you’re READY to RECEIVE NEW KNOWLEDGE. You are GIVEN a new key every single time you FACE A FEAR, TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH TO SHOW you’re WILLING to overcome the fear, and THEN PROVE that the FEAR NO LONGER HAS CONTROL OVER YOU. You have probably already received a bunch of keys… like when your heart was broken by someone, and you healed from it, or when you lost a job and realized it was for the better.. and so forth. If you’ve LEARNED an IMPORTANT LESSON and have GAINED great WISDOM from it, it’s because you EARNED that KEY. Please remember… the wisdom keepers hold thousands of KEYS! Never get comfortable in what you know — KEEP GOING HIGHER! There are INFINITE LIBRARIES of KNOWLEDGE up in the ETHERS. So keep GROWING, GIVING, MEDITATING, AWAKENING, and SURROUNDING yourself with like minds. More keys await... read more

Trust issues

Psychologists can’t offer this perspective, because it TRANSCENDS the body and mind. When you ‘hang on’ to relationships that make you miserable, to friendships that don’t nourish you, when you worry about your future, or try to control everything (like your daily routine for instance) just so that YOU can feel okay, they would tell you it stems from your childhood — from issues you may have had with your parents which caused your inner child to act out unhealthily and develop certain patterns.  I would offer this perspective as well, but from a spiritual perspective, I would go to the ROOT and say that you have TRUST ISSUES with GOD — that you stay in miserable relationships because you don’t trust that God will give you something better. That you hang on to toxic friendships because you don’t trust that God will provide better friends. That you worry about your future because you don’t trust God will always provide for you. That you control everything because you don’t trust what would happen if you were to instead leave it in God’s hands. We CONTROL what we KNOW because we’re AFRAID of the UKNOWN. We’re afraid of where GOD wants to take us… what GOD wants to show us. We’re AFRAID of HOLDING GOD’s HAND and saying “I don’t know what awaits me if I leave this relationship, but I’m willing to see where you TAKE ME because I TRUST YOU THAT MUCH.” If we fix our trust issues with GOD, then we would TRUST that EVERY single thing that happens to us is an opportunity for further growth.... read more